Criminal Case: Benefits of Booster

Criminal Case here we came some most important information with you that is benefits of booster. How Booster helps you to complete missions quickly. Now there are 3 Boosters in Criminal Case game and each booster helps you to complete steps in the game. First booster is Instant Magnifier.

Booster one

1.The Instant Magnifier
“Instantly display the preview of the hidden items in the crime scene!”
If you don’t want to waste time waiting for each hidden item to load and lose score,buy the “INSTANT MAGNIFIER” for 500 coins.

Instant Magnifier

2. 5 Hints
“Play the crime scene with 5 hints! The booster won’t be consumed if your team mate already has 5 hints.”
If you don’t have any friends left with 5 hints just use the “5 hints” booster.The booster can be bought for 1500 coins.

Criminal Case 5 Hints

3. X6 Combo Starter
“Start the crime scene with a completely filled out combo bar!”
You can use this booster to finish the crime scenes faster by getting higher scores.
Another use of this booster is to surpass your friends high scores.

Criminal Case 6X Boost Starter

Using all the 3 boosters at the same time will help you finish new crime scenes easier.
 A conclusion is that the Criminal Case boosters are very useful and be bought at a acceptable price !

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