FarmVille 2: Build Wheel Barrow for Pigs

As of Wednesday, 8 new missions will allow us to get a new pig (piglet) from 23 kg of Yorkshire breed. We can get it fairly quickly building a wheelbarrow broke. Require the wheelbarrow to collect materials that appear above. For the rest of this great event, for this little piglet, missions are relatively fast, provided to put aside now the potential to produce objects as objects.

Wheel Barrow

Childhood friend

  • Blueberry harvest plots to feed the pig in the evening
  • Fed sheep for wool and warm your pig
  • Manufactures wool lining to create a new layer to your friend

Pig city

  • Retrieves sweaters to clothe pig-directly on the 1 to 1 .
  • Harvest of Easter lilies to add a touch of elegance
  • Prepare for your future broken pasta pies

Situation woolly

  • Take care of both adult rabbits to show them your love
  • Fertilize your lemon lemons for further
  • Prepares bulk butter for your dishes to come

wheel barrow pigs


  • Retrieves pig leashes for walking on the 1 to 1 .
  • Drawing water from wells for you drink
  • Harvest Easter lily after drinking

Warm colors

  • Take care of both of your stove to get warm colors
  • Doses produces magenta dye, a color more or less hot
  • Harvest pumpkin patches to address your firm an orange

A healthy diet

  • Harvesting wheat plots to reflect a moment
  • Prepares a strawberry lemonade that Barbara can be refreshed
  • Harvest plots of strawberries to think your pig

A pig traveler

  • Retrieves pig bins to provide a beautiful journey to your pig on 1 for 1 .
  • Pink Pig manufactures toys to give a new friend to your pig
  • Performs actions on the farms of your neighbors and enjoy it to present your pig

Home sweet home

  • Apple harvest to feed your pig
  • Prepare lemon water because your future is filled with lemons
  • Prepares baskets of Easter eggs because it is the right time




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