FarmVille 2: Get Free Pigs With 4 Weeks Missions

Farmville 2: Discover the full details of the missions of 4 weeks of the arrival of the pigs! [16 missions in total]! As we have explained the arrival of the pigs in our farms last 4 weeks! Program, four new missions per week or 16 new missions that will allow you to tame pigs and get rewarded with a beautiful Vietnamese pig  We will without delay make you discover the full details of these 16 new missions!

Pigs Missions


Season pork first Week 1 of 4 – A character pig

Curiously, the German peasants use repetitive sounds to distract and disorient the pigs so they go into a trance. Imitate them.

  • Harvest plots blueberries for this exhilarating syncope
  • Fed adult sheep for wool
  • Render services to your neighbors on their farms

Season pork first week 2 of 4 – Pigs hungry

Hmm. Once I helped villagers in Borneo to make a straw door to slow the entry of pigs in their grain elevators. We may be slow this pig just enough to catch it!

  • Application bundles of straw to make a door for the mushroom
  • Produces logs of the workshop
  • Interviews a stove to emit sounds comforting

Season pork first week 3 of 4 – With a small bait, big fish are caught

Once I have a pig trapped in the woods of Georgia with an irresistible smell of pie. I think a delicious mushroom pie this little piggy force to come out of hiding!

  • Harvest plots onions to prepare a broth flavored
  • Preparing mixtures mid-mid-cream milk to feed your pig
  • Prepare broths shimeji mushrooms for your pigs

Season of the pig, first week 4 of 4 – Fireworks light

One day I met a Tibetan who tamed wild birds with a single bait composed of leaves shiny, tin and wool old son. I wonder if it works with pigs?

  • Interviews to prepare orange streamers
  • Manufactures metal plates for bait brilliant
  • Manufactures coils of red wool to attract the attention of pigs


Season of the pig, second week 1 of 4 – A head as hard as wood

This little piggy has a hard head. We need to strengthen the door to slow down. Build a wooden door to the mushroom.

  • Application bundles of twigs to rebuild the door of the mushroom
  • Manufactures rolls of wool to insulate the door twigs
  • Harvesting figs to examine the wood

Season of the pig, second week 2 of 4 – At the foot lifted

Pigs are more easily tamed when accustomed to human presence. Invite as many people to the farm to facilitate their domestication.

  • Found eggs exotic chickens shack
  • Hiring and employing laborers
  • Performed tasks for the village shop

Season of the pig, second week 3 of 4 – Goret strangles t

Tone broth with shimeji mushrooms has not been a great success apparently. Clearly, this pig is very difficult … Let’s see if we resist mushroom pie Paris.

  • Manufactures bags of flour to prepare your mushroom pies
  • Feed your adult hens for eggs you need
  • Prepares pies Paris mushrooms for the little pig

Season of the pig, second week 4 of 4 – Reverence swine

Pigs sometimes behave like real divas. Show him your character you attentive in caring for other animals.

  • Harvest maize plots to prove that your farm is no shortage of food
  • Fed adult goats to show your kindness to pig
  • Fed twice a pig to show your love pigs


Season pork, Third Week 1 of 4 – A brick house

This little piglet smashed our door twigs as if nothing had happened. See if it will do the same with a door in brick.

  • Demand robust red bricks to make a door unbreakable
  • Pigs fed for your mud as a construction material
  • Bread manufactures clay in pottery kiln

Season pork, Third Week 2 of 4 – The scent of success

One day in Peru, I saw villagers pay a large amount of fertilizer a cliff. Hundreds of pigs rushed in a few minutes, attracted by the smell. You think it could work here?

  • Interviews fertilizer for your tank to get fresh manure
  • Fertilize your crops for your farm stink
  • Fertilizes your trees to spread a smell irresistible

Season pork, Third Week 3 of 4 – The third time’s the charm

I’ve never seen a pig so difficult. Or pie Paris mushrooms or shimeji mushroom broth did work.Try a French recipe, soufflé with chanterelles.

  • Interviews shack your chickens to get eggs for blown
  • Manufactures porcelain ramekins to serve your soufflé
  • Preparing soufflés chanterelles in the kitchen

Season pork, third week 4 of 4 – Look at the light, my pig

Russian loggers disrupt and deceive wild pigs with shimmering objects. Why not emulate?

  • Makes grants to carry wool baubles
  • Manufactures purses beaded wool to confuse the little pigs
  • Makes jokes sun to capture light


Season pork, Fourth Week 1 of 4 – Elements of lever

The pig is trapped. If we lever with the right tools, I think we can get him out.

  • Request large shoehorn to extract the pig
  • Harvest groves to help you release the Pig
  • Manufactures garden fences that are planted for sharp heels

Season pork, Fourth Week 2 of 4 – A very fat pig

Argh! I did not want this little piggy gets stuck. Prepares slippery objects so I can grease the pig and help out.

  • Produces one batch of slip in the pottery kiln using mud and water
  • Prepares bulk butter for greasing the pig
  • Prepares olive oil for greasing the pig

Season pork, Fourth Week 3 of 4 – Friends hungry

Well, I am afraid it will take us time to get out there this little piggy. You should prepare some food for me, but especially for the poor little pig.

  • Collect your production factory for yogurts delicious yogurt
  • Produces blue plates in your oven pottery serving dishes
  • Preparing tarts strawberry yogurt for Gus and the pig

Season pork, Fourth Week 4 of 4 – The Three Little Pigs

Poor pig, he is frightened. The famous herd of pigs Malta taught me that pigs are soothed by the cries of their fellows. Let’s do a test.

  • Take care of your pigsty
  • Student piglets until they become adults



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