FarmVille 2 Get Unlimited Fertilizer and Rapid Grows

Fertilizer Tank has arrived in FarmVille 2 and we have shared missions with you but the good news is that you can earn unlimited Fertilizer and Speed Grows with the help of the Fertilizer Tank just arrived in FarmVille 2. Farmville 2: Learn how to get FREE and unlimited fertilizers and rapid grows. In here is a good news  very soon we will have to build a fertilizer tank new missions! This tank will allow us to regularly collect fertilizers and rapid grows.

Rapid Grows

By feeding our pets we can fill a gauge in the tank when the tank is full it will collect the fertilizer! Whenever we reap the tank you will have a chance to get one in rapid grows

To reap the tank you will produce fertilizer rakes in your workshop. Each container harvesting ask you one rake

Hint: It should already be possible to manufacture fertilizer rakes in the workshop thus already starting to prepare some

Here is the sentence announcement of these new awards:

The fertilizer tank allows you to get free bags of fertilizer and sometimes rapid grows.

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