CoasterVille: Free Panda and Decoration

And yes, you are not dreaming! This attraction is FREE! we do not need to spend any piece to place in our park Why such a gift? It’s very simple it is the insurance brand “Progressive” (A little known brand in Europe, we will provide). Here is the complete details of the steps to get the panda to when it will be a reward for missions!

Here is the very short tasks you need to perform to get this new free attraction and reward in this panda!

  • Has a carousel to install the mega-booster progressive
  • Reveals the progressive carousel in your park it will build,
  • {Total} times boosts the carousel for even more thrills

Your new attraction is absolutely stunning. This is your day of  luck, I decided to offer you a magnificent statue panda  souvenir of our meeting. I hula TE, you running

Coasterville panda



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