ChefVille Learn How to Get 2 Instant Thyme

Win 2 Instant thyme and a free decoration in ChefVille via playing CoasterVille promotional offer by Zynga. Here is a chance to get 2 more free instant thyme plus a unique decoration! Besides this time, the missions are really simple. Do not need to complain! To win these great thyme it is enough to spend a few levels in CoasterVille.

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Mission on departure

Tests attractions, prepares dishes and retrieves tickets.

  • Reach level 5 in CoasterVille
  • Serve focaccia prepared in the brick oven
  • Request 6 tickets to your friends

Extreme Mission Flavors

  • Reach level 7 in CoasterVille
  • 5 times with cooking salt
  • Planter 2 plots of wild onions

Mission culinary Loopings

On the menu tonight: pacifiers, meatballs and roller coaster. Bring a bag to vomit in case.

  • 7 giant lollipops ask your friends
  • Prepare and serve meatball sandwiches 2
  • Reach level 10 in CoasterVille



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